• Ritanne Duszak

Achieving goals


Achieving goals!

The finish line of a marathon is a special place: it is full of soaring spirits and sometimes a few tears. Nearly everyone who crosses that line has put in the work for that day and it means something different to each and every athlete. For first timers, it may be the first time that they have had such a clearly defined goal that they accomplished. For veterans, it may signify the comeback from an injury or setting and achieving new goals. Seeing my athletes cross a finish line makes my heart swell like The Grinch. It feels like it is five times larger. I know the stories of the athletes who ave done it. It may have involved batting a bum knee or some inner demons or maybe coming out the other side of some life stress. It feels so hopeful and it makes me wish I could be at every finish line.

I am proud of all of my athletes this past year who set goals and reached their finish line. If you have some goals in mind – whatever they are – we’d love to work with you! Please feel free to contact us.

Wishing you a happy & healthy 2019!

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